Welcome to The Lionheart Experience!!!


It has been a dream of mine for over a decade to be able to share my stories, sightings, experiences and photos of this gorgeous planet and its creatures with you and now I finally have the chance to do it. As well as igniting passion, I also aim to teach and educate on some of the finer details, facts, and observations of nature that come with having spent many hundreds of hours watching quietly, sometimes from a distance, sometimes intimately close, absorbing all that I can, and being constantly amazed at what I see and learn.  The more time I spend in the bush, the more I learn, the more I realise how little I know and how much more there is to learn!!!

Perhaps you, like me, have had the incredible opportunity to experience a moment like this:

You have just finished lighting the fire, adding some nice Acacia nigrescens (from the Knobthorn, the botanical name now changing to Senegalia nigrescens) logs on, which burns so well and has that incredible smell from the sweet resin, and the fire is now crackling with bright yellow flames…

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