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There is so much beauty to see in this world and if our eyes and our hearts are open, we will never stop being amazed.  Our vision is to give you an insight into that beauty and inspire you to live life to the full.  Whether it is a canvas on your wall, reading one of our stories, or moments with us in the wild, we want to illuminate the ordinary, the extraordinary and the exquisite in such a way that you will never look at them the same way again.


Through years of experience in wildlife, guiding, research, photography and working with people, we have developed a unique way to create connections between the individual and the world around them.  By creating mood, evoking emotions, and sparking deeper thought, The Lionheart Experience will ignite something within you and our passion is to see that fire burn.


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We are here to change lives.

Richard McKibbin

Richard is an extremely passionate naturalist and has been involved in wildlife his whole life.  He is a qualified guide and has years of experience in guiding, 4×4 expeditions throughout Southern Africa, and being involved in various research projects.  He and his wife Candice worked in leopard research in iSimangaliso Wetland Park in 2014 – 2015 and created an identification profile for the cats in the park, this will be available soon.

He has also had many years working intimately with people, having set up the Impendulo Community Project, an NGO and charity organisation in rural Zululand, and working alongside churches and youth groups. Impendulo Community Project Facebook page.

His passion is to be a link between people and the beautiful world we live in.  Using his photography and his wildlife expertise, he loves giving people an incredible and unforgettable experience as they encounter the beauty of nature.  His photography is an expression of how he sees the world, and the Heart behind it all.

Candice McKibbin

Candice was brought up on farms riding horses, and developed a deep love for the outdoors from an early age.  She and Richard got married in 2011 and she has been involved in leopard research, guiding, and various conservation projects. She has also been involved in church outreaches and mission trips both locally and internationally.  She has a love for families, and a real gift in working with children.

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We offer a range of services.

Specialist Guiding and Tours

Specialist Guiding and Tours

More than just a safari, specific to your interests.

Bush Experiences

Bush Experiences

Truly unique bush experiences focussing on what really matters.

Wildlife Research

Wildlife Research

Leopard Research, Leopard monitoring and priority species monitoring.